Tuesday, February 24, 2015

17 New Songs: Chris Kenner, Nervous Norvus, Royal Teens, Little Jimmy Rivers, The Champs, Little Richard, The Jayhawks, Billy Ford, Bobby Lewis, Etc..

I bought a bunch of 45's on the cheap last week. 50 cents a pop. Here is a few... Some really great stuff in here. Enjoy.

Nervous Norvus - Dig

Royal Teens - Planet Rock

Little Jimmy Rivers and the Tops - Puppy Love

Little Jimmy Rivers and the Tops - Say You Love Me

The Champs - Train To Nowhere

Little Richard - Jenny Jenny

Little Richard - Miss Ann

The Jayhawks - Stranded In The Jungle

The Jayhawks - My Only Darling

Billy Ford and the Thunderbirds - La Dee Dah

Bobby Lewis - Oh Yes, I Love You

Bobby Freeman - Big Fat Woman

Don & Jaun - Chicken Necks

The Diamonds - The Stroll

Gary (U.S.) Bonds - Trip To The Moon


Unknown said...

Great stuff! Thanks! Love yer blog!

Coop said...

Where do you manage to pick up these bargains you lucky git! Jealous moi?
Check out out new podcast here http://polyvinylcraftsmen.blogspot.com/2011/09/church-of-thee-pvc-episode-3.html

Exeter said...

It used to be I could pick up 45s like this for only 10¢ apiece at the local Goodwill store.. Those days are long gone...

Devil Dick said...

i picked these up @ a flea market!!! got a whole bunch more too!
cheers & thanks for stopping in!

Jerry Lee said...

Great stuff Dick, thanks!


hey dick!!! i just went to your side because of a recommendation of "red boy" - i'm searching desperately for the original version of dave gardners "mad witch" - the song "OLD MAD WITCH" by the emil baffa orchestre (vocals: mel allen) - you got a link to listen to it? red boy's links don't work anymore. i recently released my own version of "mad witch" (you can listen toa sample of my EP here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cu2vbYdNOJs - or check my blog for cover etc.)
- and found out later on "red boy"-blog, that there is another original version...please help me...:-)

Devil Dick said...

i only have the dave gardner version.... Not the Mel Allen vocal version. i actually found that 78 but The Red Boy scooped it up on me!!! i'll see if i can get the Dave Gardner verison posted.... But you MAY have to wait until Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!


thanks a lot, devil dick! no worries to get the dave gardner version - i got it myself - i'm just more than curious to listen to the ORIGINAL-version of this song (the mentioned emil baffa orchestra plus mel allen vocals version) since i'm total devoted to this song... it would be...well WUNDERBAR if you could give me a link to listen to it or download or i don't care. i sure can wait :-)
thank you VERY VERY VERY much for this

Anonymous said...

h i devil dick - any news about the "old mad witch" from mel allen plus emil baffa orch. ?

Devil Dick said...

marcel, i have not heard anything yet. but i'll keep trying!'dd

David Snusgrop said...

I can't get any of these links to work :(

Anonymous said...

Damn , too late :s links are dada

... but than I am here almost 3 years after they where posted ...

Must be because I am from Belgium , hellhole city as Mr. President calls us :)