Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I've been cataloging a bunch of 45's. Here are a bunch....

Pick a few and when i have some time i will try and post....

Dottie Mae - A Good Man Is Hard To Find

The Big Boys - Rock-Rock-Rock-A-Bye Baby

The Jay-Hawks - Creepin'

The Jay-Hawks - Ain't It So

The Cals - Get To Stepping

Bill Moses - I've Already Been To The Water

Pic & Bill - All I Want Is You

Geoffrey Holder - The Bottle Imp

Geoffrey Holder - Sugar Cane

Johnny Beecher - Reveries

Buddy Merrill - Holiday For Guitars

Al Serino - Dreams Of You Know Who

Jimmy Holiday - How Can I Forget

Jimmy Cole and the Gay cats of Rhythm - Baby I'm Gone

Luke Austin - My Heart Would Know

Curtis Gordon - Hello, Old Broken Heart

Curtis Gordon - Too Young To Know

Slim Harpo - I'm Your Bread Maker, Baby

Slim Harpo - loving You (The Way I Do)

Richie Allen - Undercurrent

B.B. King Peace Of Mind

B.B. King - Someday

The Cardinals - I Won't Make You Cry Anymore

Jimmy Velenti - Love, Love, Love

Lowell Fulson - That's Allright

Jimmy (T99) Nelson - What Was I Supposed To Do?

Dream-Timers - Invitation

Earl Bostic - Ubangi Stomp

Jimmy Forrest - Remember

Pasquale Allen - Don't Nobody Move

The Spinners - Slave Chain

The Spinners - Boomerang

Johnny Sardo - I Wanna Rock

Johnny Sardo - Used Heart

Shop is closed. Thank you.


Apesville said...

I have not heard ever side of

The Cals
Al Serino on sabre looks intrsting
the big boys
Bill Moss
Johnny Beecher
Geofrey Holder
Dottie Mae
Buddy Merrill
Jimmy Holiday
Pic & Bill

If you have the time thanks
The Drunken Hobo

Devil Dick said...

I will try and get to a few of these later after i get my Irish on.

Apesville said...

Thank you. After going through the label shots again, there is more I have only heard one side of. Shout if your up for doing more. D

Devil Dick said...

Fire away DH. I will see what i can do!

snakeboy said...

Pic & Bill is the Buddy Merrill tune. And, yes, Geoffrey Holder is the same person that did the 7-UP uncola commercial in the early 70's.
Nice little cache of singles you've got there.

Media Hits said...

Pick and Bill is coming up as Holiday for Guitars. Other than that great site and I like these mediafire links, as they are easy with a right click.

Devil Dick said...

Thanks for the heads up guys. i will correct it ASAP.

Devil Dick said...

Should be sorted now. Let me know if there is any more problems.

Apesville said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Apesville said...

Here is a list of the others I'd would like when you get the time & before you retire again.
Annisteen Allen Decca
B. B. King Kent
Earl Bostic King
Cardinal Atlantic
Dream-Timers Flippin’ other side i have An Invertation if its any good?
Richard Glynn Dot
Hal Wilis Wayside
Luke Austin Country Kingdom
Curtis Gordon - Hello Old Broken Heart Mercury
Jimmy Forrest Prstige
Jimmy Coe States
Lancers Trend
Ed Cory Mala
Bobby Valento Heavenly
Lowell Fulson Checker
Ray jackson Enrica
Ricki Pal Arwin
Richie Allen Imperial
Johnny Sardo Used Heart WB
Riff Ruffin Old Town
Slim harpo Excello
Spinners Crystalette
Jimmy (T99) Nelson) All Boy

Devil Dick said...

Ha! isn't that just about ALL OF THEM!?
I will get to some later when i am stuck in the house because of this damn snow......

Apesville said...

Thanks maybe put them all a folder & zippyshare.com them be much faster.

Devil Dick said...

DH, i put a few up this morning while drink in' my coffee. Mediafire would not let me download the A sides to both Jimmy Cole and Richie Allen for copyright infringement. It said they were "restricted".... Oh well, sorry.

Devil Dick said...

you make it seem as if i know what i am doing....

Devil Dick said...

and if i can sit here and burn each of them and out them up surely you can click on individual links!?!?

Apesville said...

Ok no problem for me Just wanted to give you more time to shovel the snow. Thank for the many up's DH

Apesville said...

Luke Austin - My Heart Would Know : The link takes you to Curtis Gordon Boo Thanks anyway

Apesville said...

Slim Harpo Bread maker Not avalible through mediafire says to buy from Amazon

Apesville said...

Richie Allen Undercurrent. : Again not through mediafire only through Amazon

Apesville said...

Richie Allen Undercurrent. : Again not through mediafire only through Amazon

Apesville said...

B.B. King the same.

Devil Dick said...

more posted. shop is now closed. thank you.

Devil Dick said...

yeah media fire stopped a bunch of them..... ugh

Devil Dick said...

Slim & R Allen are working now and i fixed Luke

Apesville said...

Thank you for the fix

Valladão said...

Enjoying these tracks, thanks a lot!

I'm finding a lot of links blocked by mediafire though, so I'd like to humbly give some advice.

I don't know exactly how their system works, but I know a track or album is blocked because it's automatically scanned when you upload it. When you (the uploader) tries to download that file, it won't accuse any problem. But any other person that tries doing the same will not be able to.

There's a simple, simple way of preventing this from happening. Let's take B.B. King's "Someday" for example, a track currently blocked. If the file was compressed as a zip/rar/7z archive with a password prior to the uploading, the scanning would not be possible and the file would still be available for download now. A simple password like "devil" would resolve the issue.

If you're using Windows or Linux, 7zip is an opensource program that I wholeheartedly recommend for this task. If you're using Mac and liked the idea, I can search more about it and try to find a similar program you could use to zip the files, just leave a shout here.