Wednesday, November 12, 2014

T. Texas Tyler - Bumming Around

I'm as free as the breeze and i'll do what i please...

I've done a bunch of bumming around too....


T. Texas Tyler - Bumming Around


prunalogsusan said...

really diggin these recent gems you've posted. something i also find i can appreciate more as i get a little older myself. i absolutely hated country when i was a kid where now days its a very welcoming sound to my ears and i'd rather hear stuff like this than most of the punk rock and metal that surrounds me.

thanks a bunch!

Devil Dick said...

hells yeah prunalog!!!

splash said...

I dig this one
The pedal steel seems to have
2 different sounds - making it seem
like 2 different players.
But I figure 1 musician who used
different effects to get the different
slide effects - and I didn't think there
was a slide guitar (tho I might have
Totally dig this one - thanks/best