Saturday, November 15, 2014

Gene Davis - I Need Help

Random country dude crying like a lot of country dudes do. What's with these country dudes? They can't hold a job, can't keep their women, drink too much, get into fights, and are generally complete fuck ups and they bitch about it an awful lot.....

Gene Davis - I Need Help


Apesville said...

But this one made some good Rockabilly before he went country.
Even had Eddie Cochran on guitar for a couple of tracks as AKA Bo Davis. He was also a member of the Rockin' Chuck and Gene, The Blockbusters on Antler

The one you have posted is from 1971

Devil Dick said...

Thanks for the info DH!!

insanelyraremusic said...

Dude! I love your blog man! Kinda like mine, but yours is way better! I like your description of this record, had me laughin`! I definitely have to hear this now. Thank you!

Devil Dick said...

hahaha! thanks man! just trying to have some fun!