Monday, September 2, 2013

Hearse - Twist It Up - Ode To A Hollywood Drunk

A couple of former new Jersey hardcore band Bedlam members and friends with some gnarly heavy punkish rock and roll on "twist one up" and a bit more staright forward 60's punk vibe on "ode to a hollywood drunk". This one slips sunder the NJ radar... Drummer Lenny Sblendorio was the label manager of New Jersey's Buy Our Records who put out some of NJ's best hardcore & punk shitz..... Wacky Hi-jinx anyone??? Producer Charly Pip was a member of The Colors & Skulls, another great NJ punk rock and roll band.... he and Lenny are now in a band called DEVILHAUS.

Hearse - Twist It Up

Hearse - Ode To A Hollywood Drunk

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