Friday, September 6, 2013

Glen Holden's "Astro-Notes" - Rocket To The Moon

Rare rock & roll space novelty from 1958? by Glen Holden's "Astro-Notes" doing Rocket To The Moon... Who was Glen Holden? & who were the Astro-Notes? ur guess is as good as mine..... I don't have time for all that internet searching.... but after a quick 2 page search i found nothing much, except that one person has this listed as 1958 & another as 196?....
One other thing i found is i love these old school 50's & 60's space themed tunes and i need more.... Happy Friday.

Glen Holden's "Astro-Notes" - Rocket To The Moon


Timmy said...

Yes, very cool. Kooky. Nice. THANX!

Devil Dick said...

thanks timmy!