Saturday, January 5, 2013

Marty "B" - Lucky Old Sun - Puppet On A String

This is great & bad.... Sounds like a drunk Elvis wanna-be and the backing band is just as tanked. Marty "B" mumbles and stumbles his way through "Lucky Old Sun" & "Puppet On A String" in very "i wish i was Elvis" hap-hazard manner. The Guitar player is doing his best drunk noodle-ing but falls a bit short. It's so bad it is great. I'm sure there were a million of these Elvis wanna-be's out back then cutting their own records. I wish i could see what Mr. "B" looked like but I really could find NOTHING out about this record on The Big "B" Recording Inc. label out of Levittown, Pa. or who Marty "B" was but this is a pretty awful/awesome 45. If you know anything about it feel free to drop it here. I live for finding crap like this. Enjoy!

Marty "B" - Lucky Old Sun

Marty "B" - Puppet On A String

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