Monday, January 14, 2013

Kill City - Secret Smile - Beggin For More - Cancer of the Mind

Kill City was an LA punk & rock band that consisted of members of The leaving Trains (Tom Hofer) The Web (T. A. Black & Andi Hayes) & Brad Holtzman (Darb) from The Need.

Their only single on Dionysus is a nice rocking slab of female fronted rock punk that splits hairs with X (Billy Zoom guitars) & The Stooges w/ a lil' dirty sounding Blondie thrown in....

Love the cover, and the cool color vinyl made this 99 cent addition well worth it....

Kill City - Secret Smile

Kill City - Beggin For More

Kill City - Cancer of the Mind


Anonymous said...

Fawking Beautiful, thank you!

Best of the new year to you, sir!

Anonymous Assemblage.

Devil Dick said...

Once agian, thank you AA!

Best to u in 2013!



Kevin S. said...

I like this one! Sweet rocking sound!

Jerry Lee said...

Outstanding!! Cool vinyl too! Thanks Dick.

Anonymous said...

good songs and cool cover, thanks