Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Arthur Hall - Honey Duke And His Uke - They're Doing The Black-bottom In Charleston Now - Hard Boiled Mama

Not sure what to make of this one. Side a just says sung by Arthur Hall but Side b says Honey Duke And His Uke. Are both sides by Honey Duke and his Uke with Just Arthur Hall singing on the a? Or is this 2 different folks on one 78? And to further add to the confusions the labels are wrong. Side a actually plays side b and side b actually plays side a.... Hard Boiled Mama sounds like Nervous Norvous.... Other than that, i know nothing about this other than its from either 1925 or 1926....

Arthur Hall - (Honey Duke And His Uke) - They're Doing The Black-bottom In Charleston Now

Honey Duke And His Uke - Hard Boiled Mama


Your driver said...

You're making me want to dig through my ukulele history books to find out about Arthur Hall. Of course I googled him and the first hit I got was this post. He did have something to do with a version of "Ukulele Lady" so there's another ukulele connection.

It's late, Maybe tomorrow.


Devil Dick said...

let me know if you find anything jon!?!?!?

Lightnin' said...

Arthur Hall and Honey Duke are two different artists. The Supreme label was part of the Grey Gull group of record labels out of Boston and they often paired up two different record artists on one release. They often also released recordings by artists under a pseudenym, such as Honey Duke and his Uke who is actually the prolific 1920s singer and uke player Johnny Marvin. Thanks for posting this rare record.

Devil Dick said...

Hey Lightnin' thanks for the info!!!!!!