Saturday, July 28, 2012

Unknown Soul Acetate - I Can't Say No To You

A while back i picked up a bunch of acetates. i don't know who this is or what year it is from. The only thing i could find out about it is that Studio 76 @ 1650 Broadway in NYC where this was recorded is where Hendrix recorded with Curtis Knight in the 60's & early 70's, so i will assume this is from around that same time period... I found this little passage on

Studio "76"
Ed Chalpin's studio where Curtis Knight & the Squires recorded between 1965-1967. Studio "76" was located at 1650 Broadway, in 1970 the name of the studio was changed to "Dimensional Sound. Inc." and it was moved to a new address at 245 West 55th Street. Another Studio "76" (opened in 1965, operated at least until 1972 4) was located in Los Angeles, this could have been a sister company to Chalpin's Studio "76"?

Other than that i have no idea....

As for the song.... Starts off w/ a cool bass line and the bass gets a good workout throughout the song but i'd much rather hear some funky guitar instead of harmonica through the whole thing. I like the male voice popping in and out on top of the female voice but seems a bit hap-hazzard. it has charm but doesn't bowl you over. I wish i knew who was singing....???

Unknown Soul Acetate - I Can't Say No To You

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