Friday, June 1, 2012

Clifton White & His Royal Knights - The Warm Up A & B

Great Louisiana soul quakin' booty shakin' dance number by Clifton White & His Royal Knights from 1968 on the Anla label. Info was scarce on Mr. White & his Royal Knights but this is a great little number that brings you straight back to another time in a smokey little dive bar with a few coctails and some foxy momma's dancing it up.... Dig it.

Clifton White & His Royal Knights - The Warm Up - A

Clifton White & His Royal Knights - The Warm Up - B

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John said...

I can fill in some blanks. Anla was the soul and funk subsidiary of Eddie Shuler's venerable Goldband label in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Until Hurricane Rita, it was possible to visit Eddie's Music House in Lake Charles and purchase Anla 45's and other Goldband items as well, although things had been picked through fairly thoroughly over the years. The storm knocked the building somewhat off its foundations, and Eddie passed away a few years ago. The family used to open it by appointment, but I'm not sure if they still do. As for Clifton White, he was from Beaumont, Texas, about an hour away from Lake Charles, and was the owner of a Texaco station on Highway 90, which was the main route between New Orleans and Houston in those days before interstates. Beaumont had three Black business districts, all full of clubs, and there was a Black nightlife scene in Port Arthur and Orange as well, so Clifton White's Royal Knights worked all the time. There is at least one account of a young Janis Joplin trying out a song backed by Clifton White, but I've never been able to confirm it. Beaumont was once a good record town, but Hurricane Rita hit it dead on, and between that and record hoarders (people who buy up entire flea markets worth of records and sit on them), there's not much left.