Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Babies - You make Me Feel Like Someone - The Hand Of Fate

I just picked up this white label promo of this Northern Soul classic for a whopping 50 cents. "You Make Me Feel Like Someone," was a minor chart hit in the U.S. managing #124 on the Billboard Pop charts.

1967. Dunhill release. Arranged by Gene Page ("Out on the Floor" by Dobie Gray).

The Babies - You make Me Feel Like Someone

The Babies - The Hand Of Fate


Mikel J said...

Hey DD, I saw that WWBZ rubber stamp imprint on the "A" side. That station used to be in Vineland, NJ, it had a hell of a night time signal. Seeing the call letters brought back a bunch of memories. the songs aren't too bad but don't suppose they had anything to do with the '70s/'80s group

Devil Dick said...

hey Mikel, i hdont think there is any connection with any other group. it appeas that these babies disapeard soon after this record. i think they had one more and then gone.... being from central NJ i never heard of WWBZ but cool to know this 45 stayed in the Jerz!!!!

Thanks for the comment!!