Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Los Viking's - Dame Una Lagrima Para Llorar & Fuera De Atraccion

I just picked this record and a bunch of other cool records i know nothing about. I've been super busy and not really able to gather any real information on this awesome latin late 60's? rock record but man this song is so cool i just had to share. Its awesome and weird w/ some cool fuzz guitar and a bit of a calliope sound (at least to my ears) and i have no idea what they are singing about but man i really dig this. anyone have any info on the Los Viking's??? Finding stuff like this is the reason i love record collecting..... you just never know what your gonna find.

PS - i hate the new upgrades blogger did.... i have no idea where anything is anymore, making an already computer illiterate that much more disadvantaged.... Ugh....

PSS - I added another track that is equally if not better then the 1st!

Los Viking's - Dame Una Lagrima Para Llorar

Los Viking's - Fuera De Atraccion


ana-b said...

You can def revert to the old interface, but the new set up is so awful that there's really no direct way to make the change without clicking around at random with the hope that you'll eventually get to the right place.

Honestly, I can't be much more helpful than that, 'cause it's that much of a mess. Throughly check every page you go to for links that allow you to covert the page to the old format. I think I eventually clicked on one of those gear-like 'action' symbols...and maybe that did the trick?

Once I got the old format back I then had to redo it four separate times before I finally got it to 'stick'.

The new interface is totally unusable. I was gonna have to stop blogging if I'd been unable to revert to the old set up permanently.

frobbert said...

Well of course that's a great song. Dickie Peterson wrote it. Awesome! Thanks!

michael vee said...

hi DD,

Dame una lagrima is a cover of Italy's I Corvi, Los Viking's hailed from El Salvador, of course...

thx for posting!

Salvadorean Music Man said...

I know quite a lot about this band. They were at the front of El Salvador's golden era of music, locally referred as "Buenas Epocas", which lasted from the mid 60s to the early 70s; when the music scene was leaning to a rock sound. But new bands came along (like Fiebre Amarilla) to forever change all that, and it's all garbage after that. Remberto Trejo (lead singer for Los Vikings) had a brother who also fronted another successful band called Los Apaches, both from a rather small city called Usulutan. You have to check out "Mientes o sientes" (starts off slow, but wait to the middle of it, it rocks) by Grupo San Miguel, later knwon as Hielo Ardiente, from neighboring San Miguel. Also, check out music by Los Intocables (from El Salvador, not the tacky norteno band from Mexico), fronted by another salvadorean music icon, Oscar Olano, who started other bands, like Hierro.

Devil Dick said...

Thanks for the info SMM!!!