Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lemming - Lucifera - I Feel Free

Slightly sinister glam rock by Dutch band "Lemmings"...

The Lemming (formerly known as Lemming and before that as Life Color), a Dutch hard rock band between 1973 and 1975 scored three hits in the Dutch Top 40 .
The original lineup of Lemming in 1973 consisted of lead singer Wally Lock (stage name: Wally McKey), guitarist Hans Vos and Harry Bout , bassist Tinny Durrell and drummer Tony Gloudie . Proposal was the band The Lemming to mention, but for the word "The" was under Willem van Kooten then to old-fashioned. In 2002 the band was re-established. Of the original members were there only Wally Lock and Tony Gloudie in the new band.

I'm going to post their first 3 singles. This is the first.

Lemming - Lucifera

Lemming - I Feel Free


Calamity Annie said...

Thanks for these. (The) Lemming(s) certainly packed a lot more weirdness than usual into glam, seems like...and I dig it!

Anonymous said...

I like the record covers better than the music! thanks!

sirlordford said...

These guys do some serious rockin' IMO.