Sunday, January 1, 2012

Brook Benton - Funny How Time Slips Away

Another year is over and yes, it is funny how time slips away....

Not my favorite version of this Willie Nelson penned classic, that would belong to Jimmy Elledge, but when a song is written this great from the start its really hard to get a bad version. I alway wondered how the real country crowd took to black artists doing country records? Anyway, I do own the Elledge version on 45 but i can't seem to find it so here is a 1966 version of Funny How Time Slips Away by Brook Benton. A worthy replacement for the time being.

Brook Benton - Funny How Time Slips Away

And for good measure here is the youtube verion from Jimmy Elledge:

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Dead Flowers Productions said...

Very cool post... I also love Georgie Fame's version.