Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Other Side - Rock-X-Ing

Kind of a strange one here. On the surface this looks like any other b-grade AOR record from 1977. But the 1st thing i found odd was the fact that this was released on the De-Lite record label that is pretty much known for Funk and Disco records so when i saw these denim & polyester clad hair farmers i thought WTF? Are these white boys trying to get funky? But no, this is a standard rock record and not to far from the radio rock that was out and about in the mid/late 70's. Think along the lines of Styx, Journey, Kansas, Boston, Etc. Some sounds a bit earlier as well maybe like those couple of Paris albums featuring Bob Welch. There is even a kinda hillbily shit kicker tune and a Jethro Tull sounded flute rocker. Over all its actually a pretty enjoyable rockin' little record. There is even a radio sounding hit w/ "Love Again"... That should have been huge on the radio back then. Once can't think that if these cats weren't so damn ugly and on a disco label, that i can't imagine knew how to promote a rock record, they might have been famous.

You can check out the The Other Side Website - Here:

The Other Side - Rock-X-Ing


prunalogsusan said...

this is pretty neat! reminds me of a few things at times. maybe some nitzinger or alamo, mixed in with like, buckwheat doing a styx tribute. i drank an entire pot of coffee while listening to this southern fried goodie. thanks for making me late for work, haha. cheers my friend

Devil Dick said...

hey right on pruny! i can hear a little alamo at times and a no so heavy nitzinger (maybe even a little bloodrock while were at it) hope you enjoyed the coffee?!?!???

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck are you??

Devil Dick said...

who the fuck are YOU??