Saturday, July 23, 2011

Le Face - Boys & Girls - Dancing In Anxiety - Pull My Trigger

Its nice to know that people are still making fucked up music in this day and age when almost everything sucks coperate MTV cock. This is one of the better new punk bands i have heard recently but I know nothing about this band, i hear rumors of being banned from bars across LA which is fine with me. Their brand of snotty post punk noise sits fine in my ears. and any band that can sneak a swastika and a star of david on their 45 label is ok w/ me. Couple that with cool swirl vinyl, hand silk screened cover and a limited release of 150, and the fact that i only paid 2 dollars for this, i'm all in... Anyone know anything about these people?

Le Face - Boys & Girls

Le Face - Dancing In Anxiety

Le Face - Pull My Trigger


splash said...

i discovered this band from listening to KDVS over the internet. I dig the song Salvador
Dali. Believe they are a California band.

Matt said...

Ill buy this from joke

Anonymous said...

they are based out of los angeles. known for getting banned from venues and throwing pigs blood into the crowd. a wild and fun adventure is an understatement. marcus billetts(jewish mind you the star of david) does vocals and the art on the albums also got on to the tribute album under the covers for paul collin singing "paperdolls" they also had a band called the surgeons.... soooo good!