Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Pace-Setters - Mustang - Heads Up

Two great rocking guitar instrumentals from 1964 here today. Don't know why they put Mustang as the A side because Heads Up shits all over it... Heads up originally done by Freddie King.

Not sure who the Pace-Setters were but this record rules!

The Pace-Setters - Mustang

The Pace-Setters - Heads Up


Don said...

If you've put Mustang in the name of your instrumental in 1964, it's a good bet you did so to help sell it.

People were going apeshit over anything related to one. It 's like naming your song Ipod Girl.

They probably knew they had a killer version of Heads Up but the A/R guy told them to make up something on the spot and name it Mustang so he could move it.

Devil Dick said...

so true Don! thanks for the insight!

Apesville said...

They had at least one more 45 issued also on a New York label Aurora (NY) 45 - 1971 (1960) Settin' The Pace is a fast Instrumental Rocker

Exeter said...

Love those instros!