Monday, May 16, 2011

Al Casey Combo - Jivin' Around - Doin' The Shotish

I posted another Al Casey 45 a bit back and i must say i like this one much better. I'm not exactly sure what "doin' the shotish" means tho'...???

Al Casey Combo - Jivin' Around

Al Casey Combo - Doin' The Shotish


Exeter said...

Now this is The AL Casey Combo!
His lineup was never really duplicated, even when at the time, Rock Instrumentals still were hot, while most of the rest on the radio, definitely was not!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this- and the other Al Casey joint. You probably already heard that Al played a few of Duane Eddy's hits that he couldn't pull off in the studio.
I think the schottische is an old time dance brought over from Bohemia-


Funky16Corners said...

The Shotish (sometimes spelled schottische) is a dance they do down in Texas, I think with the Tex-Mex polka stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey cool songs. Shotish is an old european folk dance style.

Devil Dick said...

Ha! Thanks guys! i had no idea!

jacktheokie said...

The words to the folk dance called the Shottische goes:
"You shottische to the left, shottische to the right,
Walk and walk and walk and walk.
Heel and toe and half way around,
Heel and to and to the one behind."
It's a short dance that's repeated.
You are with a partner and change partners at the "to the one behind" part. I used to dance it in Oklahoma, and also did it in Michigan in 1955.

Dugsdale said...

Didn't know Al actually PLAYED those "Duane Eddy" hits. Knew he played the fingerstyle guitar on Nilsson's "Everybody's Talkin'" and the guitar intro to the Nancy and Frank Sinatra "Something Stupid," but the Duane Eddy thing is a surprise.

Humble thanks for posting Al Casey from back in the day!!