Monday, December 13, 2010

The Fireballs - Groovy Motions

The Fireballs try their hand at 60's Psychedelia!!! And they succeed!

A great little nugget of late 60's psych. FUZZ!!!

Anyway, the devil will be out of town for the next week or so but i have some tunes lined up. I'll be touring the UK w/ Solace, Orange Goblin & Firebird! If you are in the UK near any of the dates come out and have a drink or 10 w/ the devil!!!

The dates are as follows:
Dec. 15 - Manchester, UK - Sound Control
Dec. 16 - Glasgow, UK - Ivory Blacks
Dec. 17 - Birmingham, UK - The Asylum
Dec. 18 - Southampton, UK - Talking Heads
Dec. 19 - London, UK - O2 Islington Academy

The Fireballs - Groovy Motions


Prof. Grewbeard said...


Timmy said...

Definetly a definitive psychadelyicious morsal

Synthetrix said...

Incredible! I had this 45 when I was a kid in the early 70s. I have not heard it so long and forgotten it, but as soon as I heard it, it all came back to me.

Timmy said...

Great number!

narcosislabs said...

I've been looking for this for 40 years! A kid up the street used to have this when I was about 8 and I used to bug him to play it all the time. Like Synthetrix it all came back to me when I heard it here. Thank you so much!

Devil Dick said...

ya'll are wlcome!