Friday, December 10, 2010

The Allisons - Surfer Street - Money

This 45 is a little rough around the edges but what a Tuff - Ruff Sound!!! This has some attitude! A real strut to it, mostly the flip, which is a really great version of Money!

The Allisons - Surfer Street

The Allisons - Money


prunalogsusan said...

wowzers! this is awesome!

Holly said...

That b-side is killer - great find!

Rayge said...

I bought this when it was released in the UK (’63 or ’64) on Stateside SS289 - it really is a fine sound. I'm assuming it was made on the West Coast – that gonzo production with the wild guitar reminds me of the Rip Chords' Gone and Here I Stand and it really stood out as something different. My ears tell me – and I can swear I read it somewhere – that that's Darlene Love on vocals, probably with the rest of the Blossoms, but I can't be sure. I was googling the single to check this when I came across this blog. Some really fine stuff, I'm going to take my time sorting through it