Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sexcessfully Yours - Cheesecake Cover #1

A little while before i could post music here @ the devils music i used to post the occasional piece of eye candy for something to do. And since i started moving and reorganizing my records i came across a bunch of my old goofy/sexy/cheesecake records. I got a shit load of goofy ass records so be prepared for some more cover hi-jinx coming soon!!!


Your driver said...

My uncle had a Rusty Morgan LP that we were absolutely not allowed to listen to. It's reputation was so terrible that I was afraid it would damage the ears of my younger cousins. I schemed up a baby sitting gig so that I could put them to bed and finally listen to the forbidden disc on my own. I was terrified that my aunt and uncle would come home early and find me listening to the great secrets of grown up sex. Turns out it was mostly a woman telling jokes centering on the admission that she had "done it", she sometimes thought about "doing it" and she would be "doing it" again in the future. I was old enough to know that everybody did it or else there wouldn't be any babies in the world. It was a real let down.

Dan said...

These covers are great. Thanks for sharing!