Friday, January 15, 2010

Blackrock - Yeah, Yeah - Bad Cloud Overhead

Gearing Up for the Asbury Park 45 sessions tonight @ the Asbury Lanes put on by the Fantastic Flea Market Funkhere is a killer funk rock 45. "Yeah, Yeah" was featured on the Black Chains and Exhaust comp, but in my opinion the flip Bad Clouds Overhead is equally as bad ass. You know the devil LOVES this shit, fuzzy rock fuel funk with stinging guitar work and Hendrix worship. Dig in!

If you are in or near central NJ get yo ass over the Asbury Park where it is much more than just The Boss...

Blackrock - Yeah, Yeah
Blackrock - Bad Cloud Overhead


Anonymous said...

Wow, that Yeah Yeah track is the soundtrack to anyone selling moonshine to some pastor while their two year old is in the backseat crying. THANKS.

Anonymous said...

hey this record is fantastic.
saludos from argentina.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this so much! Found this great song after Black Milk sampled it to great effect on Deadly Meadly

Anonymous said...

Both recordings have been remastered with a crisp sound and are now available for download on iTunes and other digital sights. If the response is good enough there may be retro a 45 re-release in the future. So go forth and buy!

Alex said...

Thank you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!