Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forward to the Caves 3/5/09 Play List:

On the air now 8 to 10 PM EST


union carbide productions - born in the 60's
duochrome - theremin
steel pole bath tub - quark
daisycutter - elektrokill
barkmarket - radio static
6L6 - Goodbye
steel pole bath tub - pause
the wretched ones - bottles & cans
instant death - the enabler

bubblegum thunder - 2x4
bubblegum thunder - cheater
bubblegum thunder - coward
craw - 405
cough suppresant alcoholics - cunt super aeronaut
guinea worms - i'm a cobweb
dr gunni - eddi hnifur
dr gunni - gott mal
dr gunni - nonni stubbur
snakefinger - the spot
drain - flower mound

aviso hara - how to feed your family
transmegetti - mercitron
cough suppresant alcoholics - metal is not dead
monsterland - plastic
aviso hara - raspberry beret
bubblegum thunder - regret
transmegetti - rent a rocket
craw - stomp
cough suppresant alcoholics - tab at the liquor store
monsterland - vegas hate fuck
transmegetti - yes i can read

union carbide productions - ring my bell
unsane - vandal-x
scientists - there's a monster in me


Melissa Joy said...

daisycutter! I used to date Seth.

Devil Dick said...

so then i am sure i know you from brighton bar, cafe bar & fast lane shows back in the day...???

Anonymous said...

What no "Crack Torch" by Dime Bag??

Devil Dick said...

funny enough jack i don't own that dime bag shit...

don't know how the fuck that happened...

i guess i really don't support the scene...

Melissa Joy said...

Maybe. The main portion of our dating was after daisy cutter. He has a new project now. Some hardcore thing that I can't remember what the name is. Oh, and a kid, he has a kid

One of the Brighton shows I went to, my friend and I weren't allowed to stand near the bar because we were 19. (Daisy cutter wasn't playing, but Seth was there. I think Helen Shapiro was playing.)

Melissa Joy said...

But, I remember you hit a cafe bar show in the afternoon and then a show at night.

I grew up in Leonardo.

Mighty 1 said...

Boy! That must have been an easy night...