Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Boby Franklin's Insanity

One B or 2? Either way you slice it.....

Here is a few for my funky fuzzy psych soul lover brothers!!!

Fuck if i could find anything out about Boby and his Insanity, but fuck if i don't love these 45's!!! Any help concerning this man would be highy appreciated as it doesnt look like he made a full lenth album?

There is some FUZZY ass guitar and flute galore and these cuts and anyone that knows anything about me knows i love the fuzz! Damn, i mean even the mellower jazzier cut "Our Theme" breaks bad with a fuzzy guitar solo out of nowhere.....

DO NOT let the trashed looking label throw you off on "Don't Lose" as the label may be trash but the music is pure FUZZ FUNK HEAT!!!!

ok, the last cut does go a little near the disco sound but it's still funky!

So please if anyone is reading this and knows the scoop on Boby PLEASE fill me in!!!

Enjoy the cuts from one of my new fave fuzzy funk artist that i know nothing about!

Boby Franklin's Insanity – Don't Lose What You Got (Trying To Get back What You Had

Boby Franklin's Insanity – Sexplot

Boby Franklin's Insanity – Paradise

Boby Franklin's Insanity – Our Theme

Boby Franklin's Insanity – What Ever's Your Sign (You Got To Be Mine)


Anonymous said...

slammin' - any idea of the dates? (year would even help)

many thanks for everything brother

Devil Dick said...

I can't be 100% but the 1st 2 are around 1971 to 1973....???
the info on mr. franklin was few and far between...
thanks for checkin' in!

Anonymous said...

ask and ye shall receive :)

Davie G.

Devil Dick said...

Davie G is the man!!!

taro nombei said...

Boby or Bobby? Who gives a ff
thanks man!

Anonymous said...

sexplot was later covered by guitar slinger donald austin on his album "crazy legs"!!! thanks for this badass slice of funk post! devildick rules!


pete h