Monday, March 21, 2022

Reign Ghost - S/T

interesting & slightly weird record. The vox is a bit much for me at times. a bit too operatic... I like it when the male and felame voices pair up a bit more. Music is still pretty enjoyable. Some fuzzy guitar and nice keys. Guitarist Bob Bryden went on to play in Chiistmas. A band which i enjoy a lot more than this 1968 psych pop lp. Reign Ghost - S/T​It’s Great Shakes


El Guajolote said...

I love this band and i actually love Lynda Squires vocals, i can't avoid it, but i was raised in opera before i started to hear rock music.

Devil Dick said...

El Guajolote i don't hate them it just gets a bit much for me... i'd much rather listen to Christmas. But thats just me. i was raided on rock and roll!