Thursday, March 29, 2018

Dollar Bin Fodder - Devil Dick Mix #36?

i think this is mix #36? Either way, here's some dollar bin cuts. I always try to find a track or 2 from all the crap i buy. Hope u enjoy some of it. If you do, head to ur dollar bin or flea market, chances are these albums are sitting there waiting for new homes.....

Dollar Bin Fodder - Devil Dick Mix #36?


JWDen said...

This is the first mix of yours I've downloaded, and it's pretty impressive. Some choice stuff! Do you have a tracklist? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I'ts really great again , a Belgian and American having the same taste of music :)i've being following you for years Devil ... we are the same age , sorry if i disturbed you with my Trump "saying" .... you're a great Guy
with deep respect , Luc from Belgium

prunalogsusan said...

oh wow, heck yeah ill hafta give this a listen later for sure

M_Sharp said...

Another good one, Dick, thanks! A lot of it sounded familiar, but I didn't know any of the songs. It sounds like late '60's early '70's, pre-punk rock & prog. I only got one when I cheated and searched for one line from the chorus.

I still check the record bins, but I haven't found anything really good in a long time. My best find ever was about 12 years ago at a flea market when I picked up the first two Syd Barrett LPs and the first Free album, mint condition on the British labels, for $1 each from some old guy who sold mostly coins! It pays to arrive early!

Just wondering- are these songs are the only ones from each album worthy of being immortalized on a mix?

Devil Dick said...

M_Sharp, each of these albums had a cut or two worth having some many more! i just chose the ones that hit me the most and a few of them could have been easily swapped out for a different track for sure! Happy hunting!