Thursday, January 19, 2017

Mental Decay - End Of The Road

It's the end of the road, nothing left to do or say
you go your way i'll go mine, this is our last goodbye...

Mental Decay - End Of The Road


Anonymous said...

Fare Well and thanks for all the music.

For as long as I'm around you'll be remembered with gratitude and the occasional curse as I struggle to identify tracks from compilations years old. Thereafter all this passes to my son, so I reckon a decent chance of at least a further 40 years musical immortality even though he'll have even less of an idea of exactly who this Devil Dick character with his extravagant taste in music was than I really do.

Many thanks once again.


Kurt Bernardo said...

This is sad news...thanks for all of the tunes you've allowed me to explore. - Kurt

Tim Klecha said...

Thank you DD for all your hard work in giving us all that awsome music. Take care and enjoy life to the fullest with your family in everything you do.

Devil Dick said...

i'll be back! Or will I.....???

M_Sharp said...

It ain't over til it's over. Hang in there, Dick.

Anonymous said...

sounds fucking amazing

frick said...

remember, when you sell your soul to the devil, it ain't no ten year contract. it only expires when you do. see you soon. muhahahaaa!! seriously, thanks for everything you have shared.

splash said...

Hey DD

Thanks for the great tunage. I have been off and on
getting your tunes for 4+ years. I have purchase at least
2 singles from your tunes (Little Green Bag is the one I recall)

I am still purchasing music, downloading a bit for research,
still listening to some radio, and playing my records,
CDs and cassettes. Your tunes help to expose/educate me.