Thursday, October 6, 2016

Wanda Jackson - I Don't Wanna Go

I was lucky enough to get to see Wanda Jackson years ago. Somehow that night my wife wound up doing shots with Bruce Springsteen. Wanda was great. When I first started really collecting records one of the first 45's i picked up at my old flea market spot was a copy of "Funnel Of Love", which i still love today. So i still pick up most stuff i see by her even though most of it comes no where near the greatness of that 45. This is a nice little cut from 1960 but the killer here is the fuzzed out tremolo guitar solo. Pretty wild and psychedelic for 1960. Actually the fuzzy guitar is present throughout the whole song but is knocked back by Wanda's loud in the mix vocals and orchestration, but right at the 1:11 mark the fuzz lets loose for a few seconds. Wish it was a bit more wild and a bit longer. Still pretty cool.

Wanda Jackson - I Don't Wanna Go


Apesville said...

yeah moody. Not sure at my ages if I would want tracks to be longer! I can just about bop for 2& a half minutes.

Anonymous said...

????? What,,,Is she dead?

Devil Dick said...

looks like i got facts wrong and she is in fact still alive!!!!!