Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Beaten Path - Doctor Stone

Cool little garage pop psych tune with some cool guitar work. It's from the Warner Brothers movie "The Cool Ones".

The Beaten Path - Doctor Stone


ib said...

I see it - the picture - features Glen Campbell in a supporting role. Very cool. As it is that you continue on the blogging odyssey, Devil Dick. May has been a quiet month, thus far.

That Queer Chick said...

I'm at work, and can't listen until I go home, but I am so excited to see The Cool Ones mentioned. It's one of my favorite "good" bad movies. But isn't this song performed by The Leaves in the film? (You don't need to answer--I've seen The Cool Ones enough times that I don't need to check.

Devil Dick said...

TQC, yeah it's th elevates in the movie. I've not seen the movie so i can't comment that this was in the film or not but it says so on the label. maybe the beaten path just cover the leaves version? can u confirm it is in fact a different version than the leaves version?