Friday, December 5, 2014

Rae Phil - Beautiful Island

What the fuck did i just hear!?!??

This 45 is so bad that it is good. This is a problem i have, this is so bad i had to have it. Why? I'm not sure.... It's just mental to me that this was recorded and released and everyone was like Yeah! That's Great! PRINT IT! IT IS A HIT!!!

Someone please tell me that this is teenage Vince Neil before Motley Cure??? because this guy? sounds a lot like that helium sucking fool and sucks just as bad as that fat clown, and that is saying a lot because he is THE worst singer of all time.... Yet, somehow i love this 45. It's just nutty.....

Seriously, WTF did i just hear!?!?

Rae Phil - Beautiful Island


frick said...

oh thats great. just from the first scream?, I knew it was gonna be a hit.
Thanks as always devil

Doug S. said...

Well that was bracing. Thank you?

Devil Dick said...

can you believe this shit!?!?!?!??!???????
hahahaha love it!
Thanks guys!

splash said...

You are correct sir
Completely overwrought
Thing is I wish I had this
vocal ability.
It's a keeper

M_Sharp said...

Truly bizarre! Thanks for the laughs, Dick! You put it in the correct categories.