Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A few more 45's...

been playin' w/ 45's again.... Anyone want to hear anything before i put this box away?

Rudy & The Wheels - Copy Cat

The Astronauts - My Sin Is My Pride

The Tikis - Big Feet

Rockin' Rebels - Wild Weekend

The Demotrons - Rock-A-Way-Special

The Aztecs - The Aztec Rock

The Markettes - Balboa Blue

The Fugitives - Freeway

The Tides - Telstar

The Faces - Skier Jones

Bob Gibson - Super Skier

Verlin Speeks - Mountain Boy

The Ambers - Now I'm In Trouble

Van Doren - Huntington Beach

Scuba Crowns - Scuba Dive

The Bloopers - Bloopers Morse Code

Stu Allen - Jordon Blooper

The Titans - To Covet The Surf

Wayne Brooks & The Cyclones - Runaway

The Valiants - Please Wait My Love

The Du Barrys - (Let's Exchange) Graduation Rings

The Du Barrys - Movin' Around

The Skyliners - Everyone But You

Reflections - Maybe Tomorrow

Robert and Johnny - Hear My Heartbeat

Shorty Ashburn - Triflin' Heart

Shorty Ashburn - Are You Lonely Too


Anonymous said...

too much

Anonymous said...

The Fugitives, The Reflections, Rockin' Rebels and Rudy & The Wheels. Thanks for this!

prunalogsusan said...

holy moly!!! these all look so awesome. guess my interests are in the clevetone one with verlin speeks and that rudy &the wheels one on curtis. but really i'd be into checkin out just about any of 'em you have time to put up. neat!!!

Holly said...

Ambers & Astronauts, if they're any good... and go put on another layer of socks!

Devil Dick said...

rudy & the wheels up!!!

get to the others a stime permits!

Anonymous said...

bob Gibson, marketts, rockin' rebels, Aztecs, faces, demotrons, tides & the Tikis would make my day. Thanks, Torch

Devil Dick said...

i think i got them all! Cheers!

Unknown said...

Please add Scuba Dive & the Van Doren on Hickory.


Devil Dick said...

Van Doren & Scuba Crowns are up! Thanks for playing! Bidding is now CLOSED!


snakeboy said...

Man...just when I think my hobby has turned into and obsession (it has)and space is getting tight (it is) and maybe I should scale back(yeah, right), you put up a list of this cool shit, and out the door diggin' I go. This kind of enabling I can handle. Thanks!

Anonymous said...


The Van Doren links to the Scuba Crowns song.

Devil Dick said...

Have fun Snakeboy!!!!

Van Doren has been corrected! Sorry Anon!

michael vee said...

.. my choice: Van Doren!
thx for the gems!

Timmy said...

Nice collection! Wish it were all available in 1 ZIP file...

Apesville said...
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Apesville said...

Du Barrys on Topic, Reflections on Crossroads, Robert & Johnny on Old town, Stu Allen on Rowax, Skyliners On Cameo, Titans on Metrobeat, Valiants on Keen & wayne Brooks on Top Rank are all new to me. If you have the time Big Thanks D

Devil Dick said...

Ok... whew! I Think i got them all?!?

I added the Flip to the Stu Allen (The Bloopers - Bloopers Morse Code) 45 since the A side is just a break-in novelty and the B side is way cooler.

I also added the flip to the Du Barrys (Movin' Around) because i like it. also a note about the Du Barrys, movie star Joe Pesci was in this group.

and sorry about how beat the Robert & Johnny 45 plays.....

Cheers! DD

Unknown said...

Is it too late to request Shorty Ashburn on Bullet? the others were great!

Apesville said...

Thank you for answering my late request & takin' the time D

Apesville said...

Yeah you must like Bloppers Morse code alot. I agree nice tittyshaker. But you posted it twice? The link to Jordon Blooper is Bloopers morse code. LOl

Devil Dick said...

oops. sorry. i will fix that! and i will get to shorty too!



KL from NYC said...

Thanks. I got here late, but it was after all the links were corrected, so I had an easy time of it.
Thanks again.