Monday, July 22, 2013

Jodi Feinsilver - Georgy Girl

Some more musical archeology with more found personal recordings. This one doesn't bum me out nearly as much the other ones i've posted. I guess for a few reasons. First, its not really personalized to another person. No message here. No sending this back home to Ma or the family with messages, just a young girl singing one of her fave songs and having a good time. and this was 1967, and if little Jody was 10 or so she could very well still be alive and well and living. 3rd the kids in the background hooting and hollering really make this thing for. I don't know how these things were made but that has to be a playground right? or were things sets up at malls and that just kids having a time back there? 4th, man that Brooklyn? accent just kills me! Love it. anyway i have a bunch more of these things laying around in various states of decay and figure i might as well post a few of them before they just rot away over here. Enjoy or not. till the next time, Cheers!

Jodi Feinsilver - Georgy Girl


Timmy said...

Yes, I think these were booths positioned in an arcade, like the photo booths, where you can get a strip of 5 pic's all vertically developed, for the buyer to cut & give away, or send away, or put in your wallet.

Devil Dick said...

Ahhhhh... so this could have been on a boardwalk or something hence the backround sounds. cool. Thanks Timmy!