Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Barracuda - Sleeping Out The Storm - Julie (The Song I Sing Is You)

One of my all time fave records is the 1968 mellow psych masterpiece by the band "Gandalf" An original copy has been on my want list for years but has escaped my clutches since it doesn't turn up often and when it does it is pretty much out of this bottom feeders price range. One day i will own it, but in the meantime i sussed out this 45. It is one of guitar player and singer of Gandalf Peter Sando's other projects "The Barracuda" from 1969, a year after the Gandalf record was released. It's a bit more on the "pop" side and not nearly as dreamy & ethereal as the Gandalf stuff but still a cool pop psych nugget and when i found it on the cheap in OG company sleeve i couldn't say no

Bad Cat Records has a nice write up on Gandalf and The Barracuda HERE: if your not familiar with the band or Mr. Peter Sando.

The Barracuda - Sleeping Out The Storm

The Barracuda - Julie (The Song I Sing Is You)