Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Uge - Mad Charles - Mad Charles Love Theme

Hey Red Boy look what i found...!

From Sommerville NJ its Mad Charles: the World’s First Singer, Songwriter, Karate Robot who CRUNCHES the evil opposition! He seeks peace BUT he will fight and destroy all EVIL!

Fats Pinto don't stand a chance!

Uge - Mad Charles

Uge - Mad Charles Love Theme


Anonymous said...

both files are labeled the same on div share (are they supposed to be that way?)
lovey site by the way

Devil Dick said...

No. That was my screw up. So thanks for the heads up Torch!

Files are correct now.

Glad you like the site!


Holly said...

I absolutely do not comprehend, but I love :-)

DJWaterman said...

They sure got some mileage out of that awesomely stupid robot.

Bob said...

"Mad Charles" also issued backed with alternate B-side :

HMR-889-B :
Sophie The Polish Chicken Hen