Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Foob and the Grasshoppers - New Wave Nursing Home - Hey! Cave Man

Not sure what to make of this... Some goofy (punk) rock.... New Wave Nursing Home is trying to be punky but they can't even help but throw a straight rock breakdown in the end along the lines of something The Rubber City Rebels would do. So it has a more rock feel then punk even w/ the sorta snotty vocals. Hey! Cave Man is even sorta funky w/ some real guitar chops which leaves me to believe these guys were real rockers just goofing around but i couldn't find anything out to make a positive I.D. Anyone know anything about them?

Foob and the Grasshoppers - New Wave Nursing Home

Foob and the Grasshoppers - Hey! Cave Man


Holly said...

I know nothing, but this sort of stuff is exactly what I was listening to 1986! Ok, maybe 1985. Anyway, love it. :-)


My friend FOOB...John Falk was a rocker till the end,
as he sadly passed away in 2003..You were right on when you commented that FOOB was a hardcore rocker,but also a satirist-cutting lyrics and socail observation.There is a body of well recorded FOOB stuff out there (Nicely mixed and editied) that s with his sister.He was a great friend,so thank you for recognizing him...Frank

Devil Dick said...

I'm sorry to hear of FOOB's passing. I dig this little record. Hope to hear that mixed and edited stuff someday! and thank you very much for stopping by and giving us some info!