Sunday, February 27, 2011

Denny Provisor - It Really Tears Me Up

Denny was a one time member of The Grass Roots. Here he is in 1965 a few years earlier on his own with a tune that has a great gritty vocal and a few nice Byrds guitar parts. Too me it sounds a bit like a cross between The Byrds, Steppenwolf and the Monkees. Go Figure...

Denny Provisor - It Really Tears Me Up


EXPO67 said...

Devil Dick

I've been just spinning this 45 and was googling for info and lo and behold you've posted it today!

My copy is the red label stock copy. It's getting quite sought after now and I can see why.
Terrific Sunset Strip folk punker

Anonymous said...

a FAB platter! i'd heard about this or read about this 45 in an old BOMP! magazine and only came across it recently and it's worth the wait..a great trebly jangler that EVERYONE needs to hear!! thanks! jim

Timmy said...

Duplicate/Clone of The Turtles 'Don't Stand An Outside Chance"