Friday, January 14, 2011

Only Living Witness - Freaklaw - Some Will Never Know

What we have here is some post hardcore - hardcore w/ a metal tinge from up Boston/Alston way....
The band was formed in 1989 in Boston by Jonah Jenkins (vocals) and Eric Stevenson (guitar, ex-Formicide). Eric's brother Kevin Stevenson (guitar) and former Formicide-bandmate Roy Costa (bass) completed the line-up. In 1991 Kevin and Roy were replaced by Craig Silverman and Chris Crowley. Kevin and Roy would go on to form The Shods.
Some real groove and power to this shit, w/ thick heavy Sab like riffs and capped off by some great vox. Only living witness were great and they had one of the finest singers ever in Mr. Jonah Jenkins. And one of my persoanl faves of all time. The dude has pipes, intesity and itelligence.
Since only living witness he has been a part of Milltown, Milligram and Raw Radar war among others, and started his own record label, TRAKTOR7, releasing albums by Milligram, Crash and Burn, Lamont, The Hidden, Waltham, Blacktail, Quintaine Americana, Morgan Knockers, and Black Helicopter.

Only Living Witness - Freaklaw

Only Living Witness - Some Will Never Know


Rockin' Jeff said...

Jonah is good people. I was the bass player in Crash And Burn, and got to know him for a few years in the early/mid '00s in those days. Ive never actually heard this record before. I'm gonna check it out right now. Thanks!

Devil Dick said...

Hey very cool Rockin' Jeff!!! Hope you dig it!?!???