Friday, May 21, 2010

Hearts and Flowers - Ode To A Tin Angel - Extra Extra/Rock & Roll Gypsies/Extra Extra

Wow, what can i say. Still sorta bumming about Mr. Ronnie James Dio passing away...
But life goes on and so does the music... But a voice like his is just about impossible to replace. anyway, were going to keep things going over here at the devil's music w/ a couple of great late 60's pop psych tunes from Hearts & Flowers and their 1968 album Of Horses ~ Kids ~ And Forgotten Women on Capitol records.

I'm sending these 2 out to my man Larry over at Iron Leg because this shit is right up his alley. 2 really groovy psychedelic tunes from 1968 that kinda alternate between Beatles/early Bee Gees/early Bowie and a slew of others of the era... I really dig the turn around switch up in R & R Gypsies but both songs are gems IMHO...

Hearts & Flowers were a Los Angeles folk-rock club band, perhaps most significant as one of the groups that launched the career of Eagles' founding member and guitarist-songwriter, Bernie Leadon. The lineup included Larry Murray (vocals, guitar), Dave Dawson (vocals, guitar, autoharp) and Rick Cunha (vocals, guitar). Leadon replaced Cunha on their second album in 1968. Among venues they played during the mid-1960s, were Los Angeles clubs Ledbetter's, Doug Weston's Troubadour, and the Ashgrove. After recording two albums without major success, the group disbanded in 1968.

Read a really great write up about the band HERE: for a very full story on and about the band.

Hearts and Flowers - Ode To A Tin Angel
Hearts and Flowers - Extra Extra/Rock & Roll Gypsies/Extra Extra


Holly said...

Never heard this before - thank you!

Funky16Corners said...

Hey T...

Now this is weird. I just finished a recent bio of Gram Parsons, and since Bernie Leadon was on the second Burrito Brothers album, they mentioned Hearts and Flowers and I was wondering what they sounded like. Now I know!\