Friday, March 26, 2010

Fats Domino - Lady Madonna

OK, nothing really needs to said about Mr. Domino here. And this cover isn't even that off the mark from the original but hey, this is Fats Domino! a god damned legend doing a song by other legends.... this is from 1968 and most definitely worth a listen even if this record has seen better days... but hey, a few clicks and pops never hurt anyone right?

Paul McCartney reportedly wrote the Beatles song "Lady Madonna" in an emulation of Domino's style, combining it with a nod to Humphrey Lyttelton's 1956 hit "Bad Penny Blues", a record which Joe Meek had engineered. Domino did manage to return to the "Hot 100" charts one final time in 1968—with his own recording of "Lady Madonna". That recording, as well as covers of two other Beatles songs, appeared on this Reprise LP Fats Is Back, produced by Richard Perry and recorded by a band which included New Orleans piano player James Booker. Mr. Booker playing keys on this track. Domino played piano only on one track, "I'm Ready".

Fats Domino - Lady Madonna

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Mondo said...

One of my fave version DD - along with The Crystalites and Elvis's versh