Sunday, August 3, 2008

Joyous Noise - Lost Man

Sticking w/ some lighter psych pop from the 60's here. Not much i know about this group and I can't remember where i dug this 45 up but since i seem to be in the 60's lately i thought i'd share. There seems to be a modern day band out there now with the same name so they kept coming up and i couldn't dig anything up on these guys.

Joyous Noise - Lost Man

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Duncanmusic said...

I used to have the LP on Capitol circa 1971-2...featuring Mike (or was it Mark) McClure, formerly of McClure & Levitt on Warner Bros. Definitley obscure psych/folk/rock. Joyous Noise was harmless and ultimately , no matter how long I held on to their LP (and the McClure & Levitt) they never got pulled out to listen to them and I had to let them go.

You can only collect so much before it starts getting ridiculous. My friend Steve once succinctly put it as I paraded the umpteenth new wave import 45 I was promoting: "Number one in England again?" Sometimes you just have to pass them by. I mean how many hard drives do I need to fill?

Ooops, I have to go. There's another 45 I have to download.