Friday, September 26, 2008

The Worst - Expect The Worst - Mutha 005

Here is a little somethhng to get your blood pumping this Friday and get you ready for the weekend.

I've already did a post about the famous "Mutha" label Here: when I posted "The Beast" ep on Mutha so I'll spare you the Mutha details other than to say that these mutha records have grown to be very pricey "collectors" items...

That being said i will say that there is NOTHING punk rock about paying hundreds of dollars for punk albums that you weren't even around for. I traded my Circle Jerks Golden Shower of Hits album for this a way back and I still never found a replacement copy of the Jerks album, oh well... But it was a good deal because this is one of the best NJHC albums of the day and probably the best, along with the Chronic Sick and Fatal Rage, of the "Shore Core" bands.

The Worst - (formerly The Bad Guys) were - Sudz (drums), Jerome (bass), Trezza (guitar), Do It (vocals)

So now you don't have to be Jello Biafra to afford a copy of this New Jersey hardcore punk gem, whom it is told was one of the collectors diving the market on these East Coast records. Enjoy!

Side A:
The Worst - We Are Those
The Worst - Emergency Room
The Worst - I Don't Know - Going To N.Y.
The Worst - Go To Hell

Side B:
The Worst - Face
The Worst - City Of Sin
The Worst - Loud And Fast
The Worst - I Wanna Stop


Mondo said...

Great Work DD - Have you got Pure Hell ' These Boots Are Made For Walking' in the vaults anywhere.

You can hear touch of The Damned's first album in these tracks (well the speed anyway)

Devil Dick said...

Planet M, i do not have the pure hell 45, its been on my hot list for a while but my lady friend jjb knows all about those cats as she is a philly lass and i think knows a few of them... do you have a copy? willing to part with it?

I seen a copy on ebay a while back for 75 clams but if it don't come with a pearl that water is to deep for this devil....

glad your diggin' the speed!!!


Anonymous said...

this is on ebay now