Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Eloise Trio - Chi Chi Merengue

Eloise Lewis, Bahamas
Most female calypsonians sing in an oddly high-pitched voice, unless it's an affectation, a copied style. The most famous "Bahama Mama" from the hi-fi LP era, and no doubt an inspiration to countless imitators, was Eloise Lewis, the First Lady of Bahamian Song. Born in Jacksonville, Forida but raised in Nassau, she studied guitar and began singing publicly at the age of thirteen. She headlined at the Drumbeat and toured Europe and North America. The original Goombay Trio which accompanied her consisted of George Wilson, bass, "Peanuts" Taylor, drums, and "Barbalou," maraccas. Her renditions of "Similau" and "Coconut Woman" are priceless, and her other experiments with Latin, folk songs, ballads, and added sounds are among the more successful in calypso.

This one is going out to the Calypso loving Schadenfreudian Therapy.

Also; Happy Birthhday to my Sister...! (Mine is tomorrow, send goodies!)

The Eloise Trio - Chi Chi Merengue


baikinange said...

Oh yes, the Eloise trio....I love her when she goes batshit crazy in her music, which really happens a lot. That reminds me I have to re-post the Eloise Trio album I posted maybe a year ago.

Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

This was a real memory jerker. I mean, I had this record maybe 40 years ago. And me, thinking I had recouped my collection into mp3's, this song reminded me there is still a lot to acquire. If I ever did go back to commercial radio, it would be to entertain and play something like this, maybe once every few hours. Jesus... Make me host w/carte blanche to programming, 4-10PM on 50kW-WWKB, Buffalo, so some rube listening in Boston at night could be laughing so hard, he might drive off a bridge. You're a GOOD GUY Ol' Devil Dick. Thanks!
Mike-Capitol District, NY State

Devil Dick said...

many thanks! glad your enjoying the ride!!!
devil dick

wordshiner said...

Can anyone tell me the name of the Cable Beach Hotel where Eloise and her group performed in 1960-61?

Many thanks!


Anonymous said...

Wow !

This is not the version I knew !

This song was very funny for my sister and I when we were young childs (we are around 40)

This is the one we were listening to :
# Ref : CORNET 3177 STEREO
# Made in Germany

as you can see this song was released as the name The Peanuts Taylor Group

Thank you very much for the mp3 !