Monday, January 7, 2013

The Mints - Night AIr

Early Jive-Bop-Rocker by The Mints. Night Air is the flip of Pledge of Love by Ken Copeland on Imperial records from 1957.

PS - I've just about had it with DivShare so i am trying out MediaFire because DivShare eats shit.

PSS - I guess mediafire bites too..... ugh.

PSSS - Back to divshare....... ugh.

The Mints - Night AIr


Holly said...

Dearest Devil Dick -

Mediafire eats the shit that divshare leaves behind. They do not allow *any* dls anymore!

Message one gets from mediafire:

Permission Denied.
"Night Air" by The Mints can be downloaded from one of these fine retailers.

If you really hate divshare, Zippyshare is way to go. Or Box.

Happy new year -

Devil Dick said...

well i'll be dipped in pig shit a lit a fire.....

ima go try zippyshare......


Dan said...

Thanks so much for sharing with us!
I was also going to say to try zippyshare. (but, I only use it to download, I've not tried to upload using it - hope it works)

Mighty 1 said...

I got this record!

Exeter said...

Thanks for a great post!