Saturday, September 11, 2010

Awesome Color - I.O.U. - Flying

As i stated in my Drunk Driver post, i am glad kids are still making noise out there and while this is nowhere near as noizey as D.D. these kids and i do mean kids (just look at them baby faces) have their own brand of noise going on.

A DJ at me old radio station turned me on to these guys. (Thanks Mike!!!) I made it a point to see them at the last SXSW and was not disappointed. There was much feedback and guitar and amp abuse. I stood right next to a Mr. J. Mascis who knows a thing or 2 about guitar rock.... I bought this 7 inch at the gig... I'll admit i am a bit behind the times when it comes to newer bands but i keep finding little gems like this hidden amongst todays "pop"ular musick,,,, and that is fine by me.

here is the 411:

The band was formed by Michigan natives Michael Troutman (aka Michael Awesome), Allison Busch (aka Allison Awesome), and Derek Stanton (aka Derek Awesome) in Brooklyn, New York, in 2004. Inspired by Detroit garage rock, they came to the attention of Thurston Moore, who signed the band to his Ecstatic Peace label. They released a self-titled debut album in 2006, which was followed by a second album, Electric Aborigines in 2008, both released by Ecstatic Peace. (Vinyl editions for both albums were released by American Dust.) The first album drew comparisons with the Stooges (with Stylus Magazine going as far as saying "there are times when you could play Fun House and this album back-to-back and not be able to tell the difference between the two") as did Electric Aborigines, although this album expanded the band's sound and drew comparisons with The Scientists and Spacemen 3. The band were described by Rolling Stone as sounding like "a grimier version of Sonic Youth". In 2007, the song ¨Hat Energy¨ from the album Awesome Color appeared in the film I Know Who Killed Me, starring Lindsay Lohan. After the second album, the band toured the world in support of Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. during 2008. They recorded and released a new album called Massa Hypnos on April 6, 2010. They have been touring to promote it with Tyvek and Hair Police.

Awesome Color - I.O.U.

Awesome Color - Flyingl


Anonymous said...

Very cool, thanks

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Glad to help a brother out