Saturday, September 18, 2010

Steve Rowland and the Ring Leaders - Out Ridin' - Here, Kum The Karts

I've been sick as a dog over here @ the devils music and not feeling much like doing anything so i'll cut to the chase... Here is a quick one and something i just recently picked up. 2 cool instrumentals with some nice organ work. Killer sax (check that break out on Out Ridin') and some subtle but great guitar work. Mix that all with some motorcycle & car sounds and you get a great intro 2 sider from Mr. Rowland and the Ring Leaders.... i am not sure why you need more than one ring leader but....

Steve Rowland (born Stephen Rowland, 3 September 1932, U.S.[1]) is singer, columnist, record producer and actor. He grew up in Beverly Hills. His father is film director Roy Rowland, his mother Ruth was a writer, whilst Louis B. Mayer was her uncle.

In 1950s, Hollywood, he went on to act in thirty five TV shows like Bonanza, Wanted: Dead or Alive and a two year role in The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp. Film appearances included co-starring roles in Battle of the Bulge with Henry Fonda; Gun Glory with Stewart Granger; Crime in the Streets with John Cassavetes and Sal Mineo, and the original The Thin Red Line with Kier Dullea and Jack Warden.
During the making of five films in Spain, Rowland enjoyed Spanish chart success with the group, Los Flaps. The lure of the exciting British music scene of the Swinging Sixties brought him to London, where he produced thirteen Top Ten hits for Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich. Among those worldwide hits were "Hold Tight", "Zabadak", "Bend It" and "The Legend of Xanadu" (a million selling UK Number One).
He also discovered Peter Frampton and The Herd, and with "Way Of Life" had a #6 UK Singles Chart hit with his own group, The Family Dogg. He produced hits for P.J. Proby and The Pretty Things. In 1970 he produced the album "Coming From Reality" for Detroit Folk-Rock star Rodriguez. In the 1970s he was awarded a gold album and ASCAP award for producing Jerry Lee Lewis (the London Sessions). In the late 1970s, he was creative manager/A&R for Hansa/Ariola, where he discovered and signed The Cure and The Thompson Twins, and handled Boney M and Japan.

Steve Rowland and the Ring Leaders - Out Ridin'
Steve Rowland and the Ring Leaders - Here, Kum The Karts

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KL from NYC said...

Good One.
Thank you.
(I guess this date after The Twist but before the mid-60s when he went to the UK.)