Sunday, September 5, 2010

The Majik - "The Black Album"


In my never ending search for all things Jersey i just dug this little nugget up. Obviously "rockers" who were "trying to cash on on the "now sound" of the times this falls a bit short but it does have a certain charm w/ its slight cars vibe... i even hear a tiny bit Devo.... I'm sure this thing is long out of print so grab it now if South Jersey New Wave / Power Pop is your vibe.

A very rare record, featuring former Versylus vocalist Art Devlin. Versylus was a late 70's progressive rock band based in South Jersey. Devlin left in 1980 to pursue an opportunity with The Majik, a more pop oriented vocal group.

The Majik (1980) featured Art Devlin (vocals and keyboards), Rich Rankin (lead and rhythm guitars), Hoppy Riddle (bass guitar) and John Leper (drums). They were a group based out of the South Jersey area from 1979-1980 and were compared to such bands as the Cars and Talking Heads. Two albums were recorded by this four piece band. The first album just called the 'White Album' was written in a more traditional 'classic rock' style while the second album including their single 'I Don't Need You To Tell Me So' was written in a 'new wave' style as it was known at that time. The second album known as the 'Black Album' was recorded in Philly in a 'live' or no overdubbing style in a session that lasted two days. Thirteen songs were recorded but only ten made it to the final pressing.

The Majik - "The Black Album"


Zeppyfish said...

Any chance of a re-upload on this one? Trying to do a review for The Listening Post Facebook group. This is one of the last of the lost 1980 releases.

Devil Dick said...

Hey zeppyfish, i'll see wut i can do. These files are long since gone but if i can pull the album i will download again and re-up......