Monday, June 16, 2008

Noosebomb - Man's Best Friend

Monday, Monday.... as I've said before, eclectic. We do not discriminate here @ the devil's music and take on all comers!

so here is a little something to shake out the hippy from yesterday....

Some serious hate rock from Boston Mass: Tales of the alcoholocaust spun by survivors w/ big amps & blurred vision!

You only get a small taste of this wicked 4 songer from the great Land-O-Smiles label because this bitch is still in print so if you dig the evil this mutha brings head over to Land-O-Smiles and pick up a copy or 2.

The breakdown @ 1:20 is worth the price of admission alone....

limited pressing of only 500 on picture disk never to be repressed!


Noosebomb - Man's Best Friend

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