Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Sandells - 6-Pak

Hey peeps, happy mid-week. Here is a little something to help you over the hump.

The Sandals, also known as The Sandells, were an early, influential surf rock band formed in 1964. They are most famous for scoring the surfing documentary The Endless Summer.

The Sandals began in 1962, when Danny Brawner, a drummer, joined a high-school group called The Twangs, headed up by the brothers Gaston and Walter Georis. The Twangs were a group heavily influenced by The Ventures. At this point, the core of The Sandals was formed: Brawner on drums, Gaston on keyboards, Walter on rhythm guitar, John Blakeley on lead guitar with his brother, David, on bass. David was replaced by John Gibson early on. The band changed their name to The Shadows, and eventually settled on The Sandells, a portmanteu of "Sand" and "ells", a popular ending for groups at the time. They released their first album, "Scrambler!", in early 1964. They partnered with World Pacific Records for the release, which allowed them to come in contact with Bruce Brown, who was then just beginning editing work on his next documentary project, The Endless Summer..

The Endless Summeris one of the first and most influential films of the surf movie genre, creating and defining an entire category of cinema which has endured and evolved in the decades since its release.

This cut was featured on the soundtrack to The Endless Summer, here is my original 45 copy.

Hang 10 and drink 6!!!

The Sandells - 6-Pak


Anonymous said...

A familiar sound... I remember the first time I saw Endless Summer...lolololol... That's what inspired to me to surf acually. That VHS just moved from my mom's to our house now... God I haven't seen that doc in probably 7 years... RIGHT before I met Mr. Love... haven't really surfed in 5 years... guess that's what happens when fall in love and get married!!!...oh well

The RedBoy said...

Great tune. Great flick. It makes me lament that Jerzy has such short / shallow breaks. Viva LBI !!!

John Spithead said...

I like this a lot.

Unknown said...

I have been trying to find a song I thought was "6 pack". I got a CD of the Sandals' "Endless Summer" with 6 Pak, but that is not it. The one I remember feature the sounds of 6 cans of beer being opened (and hence the name) followed by a Harley riding across the room (stereo was new back then). Has anyone heard of such a cut?