Saturday, June 14, 2008

Lincoln St. Exit - Time Has Come Gonna Die

Happy Saturday Morn everybody!

I took the week off to let my mix ride, i hope some of you enjoyed it?

Sticking in the somewhat heavier side of of psych here w/ some Lincoln St. Exit.

Lincoln St. Exit were New Mexico's lead garage/psych band of the late '60s/early '70s, one of the few Indian Native American groups. All four members were New Mexico Sioux. Time Has Come Gonna Die reflects the times & the Vietnam era vibe hanging over the U.S. - Kinda creepy, kinda doomy....

Their sole album "Drive It" released on Mainstream is now a sought after items of collectors interest. "Drive It" has a garage rock feel complete with wah-wah guitar and angry young man attitude.

Here guitarists Mike Martin & R.C. Gariss are backed up by the rhythm section of Mac Suazo (bass) & Lee Herres (drums).

Off the top of my head, Redbone would be the only all American Indian band i can think off? I'm sure there are more so if you have any recommendation feel free to drop them, and i looked for a while for a promo pic of the exit but could not find a decent one...

Enjoy some Indian Rock!

Lincoln St. Exit - Time Has Come Gonna Die


Anonymous said...

Lincoln Street Exit evolved into
XIT who had a couple of albums
on Motown's rare Earth label.

Try to hear the second one -
"Silent Warrior" - particularly
the "Young warrior" and "Reservation of Education" tracks.
There are elements of traditional
Native American music there but the overall sound is much harder than Redbone - those tracks I mentioned are ferociously angry rockers about the treatment of
Native Americans. There are some mellower tracks but it's the sheer
frustration that drives the harder tracks that sticks in your mind.

XIT are still around but if they've been recording it's
probably been on a local label.
Tommy Bee's been running his own
label for the last 20 years or so.

Davie G.

Anonymous said...

I've just checked YouTube and was pleasantly surprised to find a bunch of XIT videos.

Check them out at

Davie G.

The Bomber said...

the guys were great...also like Xit but not that much ...

great rip and share here matesy

cheers from Mza